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Your Phone Is Not Waterproof

Image via ACCC

Cell phone manufacturers including Apple, Samsung, and Google claim their devices are water resistent, waterproof, or otherwise safe to use in water or wet environments. This short piece by ifixit is worth reading if you use your devices near liquids and care about what happens if they get wet.





Plan B Isn’t Made for the Average American Woman

From the Fusion article: “The emergency contraceptive levonorgestrel—aka Plan B—was available in the United States for nearly 15 years before the idea that it wasn’t effective for women above a certain weight started getting attention.

That should bother you, a lot. Neither the US government (which is currently controlled by people who want to own women) nor the manufacturer have done their jobs in making sure people know this, much less creating a better product.

If you or someone you know is a potential user of Plan B, please read and spread this information.

Source: https://fusion.kinja.com/its-pretty-messed-up-that-plan-b-isnt-made-for-the-aver-1795443034

PSA: Homemade does not mean safe and mixing household cleaners can kill you.

DIY does not mean safe and mixing household cleaners can kill you.

If you’re thinking about making your own cleaners, please read this. The article also contains information about what cleaning products are dangerous or deadly when mixed. Mixing two easily available commercial cleaners (e.g. ammonia and bleach) can kill you. This is stuff everyone should be taught in grade school, but anytime is a good time to learn or be reminded of this.