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Writing an Effective Python Command Line Interface


This post is worth reviewing to see if your Python code will benefit. The suggestions here are at least somewhat portable to other languages. I used to write lots of command line apps and I’ve found that a good command line UI can be much better than a GUI for many use cases. https://blog.sicara.com/perfect-python-command-line-interfaces-7d5d4efad6a2

Association for Computing Machinery Releases New Code of Ethics

In this Scientific American article, Cherri M. Pancake, current president of the Association for Computing Machinery, discusses the release of a new ACM code of ethics.

I’ve worked in computer science for more than 20 years and seen firsthand that our profession badly needs an up to date and well defined code of ethics. I’m looking forward to seeing what individuals and companies do to adopt and improve this code.


Why you need https for your whole website

This is a good primer on why you need https for your whole website. This bank batted away a security expert’s friendly attempt to help them and ended up looking like idiots. Not a good look for a bank. Twitter’s CISO sent out a PSA tweet telling companies it’s worth their time to look into any security issues Troy Hunt contacts them about.

Source: https://www.troyhunt.com/im-sorry-you-feel-this-way-natwest-but-https-on-your-landing-page-is-important/

Using Unofficial bash Strict Mode

Aaron Maxwell has a blog post titled “Use the Unofficial Bash Strict Mode (Unless You Looove Debugging)” He claims a few simple script settings will make your bash scripts “more robust, reliable and maintainable” and I think he’s right.

Quoting Aaron:

Let’s start with the punchline. Your bash scripts will be more robust, reliable and maintainable if you start them like this:

set -euo pipefail


There’s some good discussion on this technique at the ENHANCING THE (UNOFFICIAL) BASH STRICT MODE post if you want to read more on it.