Crank Magnetism

If you’re interested in critical thinking and the remarkable ability of many people to delude themselves and others, it’s worth reading this short reference on crank magnetism, which may remind you of several people you know. We certainly have some people among our relatives and my kids’ friends who are walking demonstrations of crank magnetism.

RationalWiki is a good resource for critical thinking and research on ideas and people you encounter. I’ve found it well written and have not found any obvious false or misleading statements in my occasional visits to the site.



Association for Computing Machinery Releases New Code of Ethics

In this Scientific American article, Cherri M. Pancake, current president of the Association for Computing Machinery, discusses the release of a new ACM code of ethics.

I’ve worked in computer science for more than 20 years and seen firsthand that our profession badly needs an up to date and well defined code of ethics. I’m looking forward to seeing what individuals and companies do to adopt and improve this code.


What Does It Mean to Die?

This thoughtful read on a profound philosophical and medical question is worth your time. The setting is a tragedy that began with a routine tonsil removal gone wrong, resulting in severe brain injury or brain death, depending on your definitions.


Questions and Answers

This is a great comic for thinking through the value of questions and answers and the relationship between them. I found it at imgur and discovered that the artist has a website with this and other comics and also posts to Twitter.