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September 2019 Wallpapers

I’m going to try putting wallpaper I collect up as posts so others can (hopefully) enjoy it and I’m going to name the posts by month because I’m not organized or consistent enough to do themes.

I’ll credit the author when I know who created these. Usually I just find them on Reddit, Twitter, or a similar site and don’t know the origin.



Alien Bar


Stanford Design Thinking Process


Mountain Forest


Deep Blue Sea



Forest Rays

Honey Bee


Rainy Night – Source https://www.reddit.com/r/pics/comments/daenxg/it_was_raining_hard_i_was_totally_wet_but_still/

Mary Oliver, Thank You for Beautiful Poetry and a Beautiful Life

Mary Oliver died Thursday, 17 January 2019. It’s worth knowing her. The New Yorker piece below will introduce you to her world and the YouTube video features her reading one of her most popular poems.

The New Yorker: Mary Oliver’s Deep, Direct Love for the World




Troll Play Is a Podcast for Those Who Find Trolls Frustrating and Amusing

If you love the internet and find trolls sometimes frustrating and often amusing, you should check out Troll Play. It’s a very funny and mostly lighthearted look at both the dumpster fires and surprising kindness found on the internet.

The episodes are around 20 minutes long. I recommend “Dog haters, dads on Twitter and a troll from two thousand years ago” as a good place to start.