Scalzi – The Cinemax Theory of Racism

This is an excellent read and a very useful response to people who voted for Trump but want to claim they’re not hateful people. Scalzi’s post highlights the contradiction between supporting a racist, misogynist, fascist man and claiming to be none of those things.

It’s Time for Strong Government Intervention in the Economy

This short piece in the MIT Technology Review is a very good read, worthwhile for anyone wondering how we’re going to solve our most pressing social and environmental issues.

I support strong government involvement (via targeted funding) in directing the economy towards solving our most serious problems, including climate change, the broader problem of transitioning to cleaner energy, improving our education system, reducing wealth inequality, and reducing violence. This article covers this topic, its potential and its historical pitfalls, well.

Edward Tufte on Information Design

I’m a software and systems engineer and a student and practitioner of information design. Information Design is a field of central importance to designing systems that are usable by their intended user base, yet it’s not covered in any depth in the software engineering college curricula I’m familiar with.

The foremost living master of information design is Edward Tufte. He’s well worth studying. In addition to his books and the many resources at, he gives one day courses at various US locations and I strongly recommend this course. I learned a great deal when I attended 7 or so years ago. The cost of attendance includes hardcopy versions of all 4 of Tufte’s books on information design.

Even if you can’t attend his live course, it’s worth reading up on Tufte to gain insight into how one master thinks about the world of information design. His site is below. It’s worth poking around there to see if you find anything that interests you.

Here’s a quick read on interface design and a short video by Tufte on the now very familiar iPhone interface. He covered this when I attended the one day course, when the iPhone was still rather new –

Here’s a good read on PowerPoint and its suitability for technical presentation and reporting. Those who’ve worked with me (and John Henris) will remember our occasional rants against PowerPoint as a tool for conveying information. We still use it, because we’re often required to, but understanding the deficiencies of PowerPoint and the human tendencies when working with PowerPoint will enable you to be a better presenter and to choose a superior tool for technical reports and presentations when the situation allows.

PowerPoint Does Rocket Science–and Better Techniques for Technical Reports –

I know it will seem like I’m picking on PowerPoint (I am), but here’s another short read on Steve Ballmer’s revelation that traditional presentations are not the best way to transfer information – Microsoft’s CEO wants ET method of presentation, not PowerPoint –

Finally, here is an excellent collection of facts, tips, and examples on spotting and avoiding corruption in evidence collection, presentation and analysis. It’s worthwhile reading for every person in science or engineering – Corrupt Techniques in Evidence Presentations – – Much of this comes from Tufte’s Beautiful Evidence book, which I’ll let you borrow if you promise to take good care of it.

Note: Tufte tends to present himself, in his writing and in his talks, as a god of technology, on the same level as Einstein and da Vinci. I mention this so you can be aware of the need to remain objective. He’s a brilliant man, but one whose ideas you should evaluate as if he was just another source of information.

As always, if you have any questions, please leave a comment and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Alan Lipman on Donald Trump’s Narcissism

The narcissism of Donald Trump’s candidacy


Professor Alan Lipman writes in CNN about Trump’s severe narcissism and the danger it poses to our nation. I’ve been using the term narcissism since Trump got into the race, and pointing people to the diagnostic inventory and test for narcissistic personality disorder. His disorder is so blatant. I’m happy to see an expert come to the same conclusion.

So many public people have commented on Trump’s extreme narcissism and the severe danger he’d pose if given any political power. Lipman lays out what I see as a compelling case against supporting Trump in anything. I wish more people were open to seeing him as he is.

Reproducibility in Science


This is an excellent comic on the current crisis of reproducibility in science, outlining the nature of the problem, aggravating factors, and what scientists are doing to address it.

Reproducibility is a foundational idea in modern science and should be a required component of secondary education.