Kings of the Confederate Road

If you’re interested in history and social justice, this travel essay and reflection on the state and consequences of racial hatred in the deep south is worth your time. It’s rich with historical fact and personal experiences of life in Selma, focused on the civil rights struggle from the late 60s up to the present.




We Know Why Men Start Fires

It’s time to stop sympathetically profiling white supremacists. We know why men start fires. We know what these people want.

This is worth reading and sharing with anyone it might affect. This is a war for the soul and future of human civilization. We must all take sides and we must treat those who oppose us as our enemies.

Trump betrayed US and Israeli intelligence to the Russians in May 2017

This excellent Vanity Fair investigative piece provides a detailed overview of Trump’s betrayal of US and Israeli intelligence to the Russians in May 2017. This was not his first betrayal and he should have been immediately removed from power.

Trump’s continuation as President is proof that the GOP cares about power first and foremost, and that they’re willing to compromise our national security and cause the deaths of US and Israeli citizens to maintain their power.

“Hi, John” vs “Hi John” – Commas in Salutations

“You use a comma after hi in a salutation, but not after dear.” Click here to find out why.

This is a small thing, but most people seem to get it wrong. Grammar matters, especially in business writing.

In many lines of work, the first and sometimes the only impression customers and other important people have of us is through our writing. Writing thoughtfully, concisely and with proper spelling and grammar shows respect for others’ time and effort.

Taking the time and effort to write well demonstrates that we have high personal standards and are worth considering as a business partner.



White Religious Extremists Demonstrate Against Women’s Rights.

The Post’s headline is “Christian women gather on the Mall and criticize feminism”

A more accurate headline for this reporting would read, “White religious extremists demonstrate against women’s rights.”

These women and their beliefs bear little resemblance to the Jesus Christ of the Gospels and stand opposed to his core teachings. They are Christian in the same way that Islamic State is Muslim.

These women are grossly misled or willfully ignorant about feminism:
“For years, the feminists lied to us,” Christian author Lisa Bevere shouted from the stage. “They said for us to be powerful as women, we needed to act like men.”

Those gathered are willfully ignorant of the founding principles of the United States and demonize Obama:
Linda Shebesta of Burleson, Texas – “We believe our nation was founded as a Christian nation. The enemy is trying to take it in another direction, not Christianity,” she said. She saw lots of proof of Satan at work during the Obama administration. “We believe God put Donald Trump in,” Shebesta said.

I’m thankful that the white Christian majority is getting weaker with each passing year and, provided the US survives another century, there’s nothing the GOP or these hateful Christians can do to stop the progress of the United States toward becoming a more diverse, loving, and just nation.



Harriet Tubman – Badass Woman and Enduring Symbol of Greatness

Harriet Tubman is a true badass woman and enduring symbol of greatness.

The Washington Post notes that Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin has apparently decided not to replace the portrait of slave owner and mass murderer Andrew Jackson with that of the great Harriet Tubman on the US $20 bill. Mnuchin and the rest of this racist administration are part of a dying ideology, and great human beings like Tubman will overcome this hatred and have the last word.

Respect for People Versus Symbols, Subjects Versus Objects

I appreciate the symbolism of the United States flag and national anthem, and I do my best to respect them because I love the ideas and values they represent, but we’re often guilty of mistaking the symbol for what it represents. The United States is full of people flying and wearing the American flag, treating it with reverence and demanding that others do the same, while their hearts are full of hatred, selfishness, and a refusal to recognize anyone outside their tribe as American.

Respect for flags, anthems, and other symbols neither ensures nor prevents respect for people. We can certainly respect both, but we should teach our children that respect and support for human life is the goal of these symbols. I’ve noticed that regressives tend to obsess on symbols to the exclusion of actual human beings, and that this is likely a mechanism that allows regressives to revere an object (the symbol) while avoiding the much harder task of engaging with and supporting subjects (human and non-human life). This focus supports the objectification of people considered outside the tribe and thereby enables tribalism itself.

The “Very Fine People” at the Charlottesville Rally

On 12 August 2017, Nazis and white nationalists held a Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, VA to protest the removal of a Confederate statue. Donald Trump refused to condemn these protesters, even after a counter-protester was murdered by a white nationalist, and he went further by asserting that there were “very fine people” among those far right protesters.

The New York Times has collected the words and ideals of the “very fine people” representing Nazism and white nationalism at the 12 August 2017 Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, VA.

Here’s what some of those very fine people have to say about their ideals and motives:

  • The main organizer of the rally, Jason Kessler of Virginia: “Our entire country would be better off if the South had won the Civil War.”
  • Former KKK leader David Duke of Louisiana: “This is only the beginning, believe me – Whitey is done being pushed around by Marxist/Anarchist/Leftist anti-White scum, time for pushback!”
  • League of the South President Michael Hill of Alabama said: “There is a war against you, white men and white women, on the streets of our cities.” He sounds a lot like the fuhrer of the Illinois Nazis in the original Blues Brothers movie – He’s just as ridiculous as those Illinois Nazis but a lot more dangerous.
  • National Socialist Movement leader Jeff Schoep of Michigan said: “We are the front line of the fight for the white race. We are the shock troops for the white race.”

These are the same very fine people who, with help from Russia and the GOP, got Trump elected. With the election of a racist President with fascist leanings and his far right administration, they have the confidence to take off their hoods and protest openly, knowing the administration has their back.