Technique for Managing a Panic Attack

I’ve had anxiety for years and used to have panic attacks, so I’m interested in staying up on the latest anxiety related news and information and in helping others deal with their own anxiety. This tip from reddit seems very practical.

A trick I used during a panic attack that actually helped!
I once read that during a panic attack you should look around you and say out loud what you can see, feel, etc. My husband remembered this and just as I was spiraling into a full blown attack he said “tell me what you see” and I started saying it out loud “tree, red sign,” etc. Within about 30 seconds to a minute I could feel my breathing becoming less erratic, my heart rate went down, and I was coming back to reality. It didn’t get rid of it completely but brought it down to a manageable level. Very effective if you ever want to lessen the attack without taking klonopin or Xanax.

If you try this technique, please share your experience with it.

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