Entertaining Profile Names

I have a pretty serious job (Tech Lead) leading a team building complex systems. Some of the challenges we encounter make your brain and stress is almost a constant companion. I like to inject humor, preferably the silly kind, when I can. Silly profile names are a great way to do that and I try to use them when I log into virtual meetings where it’s just our team (no customers or others who might not understand or appreciate this).

Here’s a small selection of identities I’ve used or plan to use.

Johann Sebastian Rock – Musicologist

Tara Dactyl – Paleontologist – Tagline = I dig dinosaurs

Sue Yu – Lawyer

Rapid Roy – Stock Car Racer (Thanks to Jim Croce for this one)

Ken Hurt – Doctor

Bear Knuckles – Boxer

Ben Dover – Proctologist

Ken Chew – Dentist

Woody Hammock – Wilderness Guide



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