Stephon Clark was murdered by police

Stephon Clark was murdered by police, shot to death in his grandmother’s back yard. He died because the police rules for use of deadly force are utterly broken. The system in place now encourages use of force and unconditionally protects police who use deadly force. That needs to change immediately.

The Sacramento police use of force policyinstructs officers to de-escalate conflicts and continuously reassess if force is needed. It begins with this sentence: “It shall be the policy of the Sacramento Police Department that officers value and preserve the sanctity of human life at all times.”” They were supposed to have less-lethal weapons available. They blatantly disregarded this policy.

Clark was a father of two. His son’s lost their father because police decided he “might” have a gun.  Those police need to be charged and convicted of murder and they need to go to prison like any other citizen guilty of murder. Only then will we start on the path to justice and proper police conduct in this nation.


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