Conservative Christians attempt to boycott Disney over gay character

John Pavlovitz has just written an excellent post on a Conservative Christian effort to boycott Disney for introducing a gay character to its classic Beauty and the Beast. His writing feels a little like a rant, because it is, and a justified one. I feel his frustration with people who claim to follow Jesus Christ but in reality stand against everything he stood for.

I would like to believe we’re coming to an inflection point where all but the most hard core supporters of Conservative Christianity turn away as they realize it’s all been an exercise in hatred and manipulation. Unfortunately, I don’t see that happening in the United States anytime soon. Here, Christianity is a cloak that the majority wear as a social identity, not a moral one, and they wear it in order to live their lives as they wish, without having to grow as human beings or care for anyone outside their tribe.

It’s very unfortunate that so many people use the life of a man who tried to bring us peace and joy to cover their addiction to fear and hatred.

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