We need to be aggressive in speaking truth to the right

Here are two reports on the CPAC’s attempt to paint the alt-right as left wing fascists, which is a contradiction, as anyone who’s studied fascism knows.

Alt-right leader expelled from CPAC after organizer denounces ‘fascist group’

CPAC’s Flirtation With the Alt-Right Is Turning Awkward

A friend on G+ pointed out that this is a prime example of the right’s common tactic of taking any complaint the other side has about them, making the exact same complaint about the other side, and then repeating it until it sticks. I’m glad others see this tactic. It’s basic propaganda and we need to call it out wherever we see it.

The left needs to be on the attack as well as defense, all the time. The enemy of progress is relentless and we need to be too. As soon as the right starts some BS propaganda like this, the left needs to come out in force and ridicule the right while also explaining why it’s BS. We can’t reach everyone, but we need to make our voices as loud and far reaching as possible.

My biggest complaint about the left is that they usually refuse to play hardball and tell it like is. Sanders is a great exception and I think Warren is too. I’m a pretty intense person and I started adulthood in the Army infantry and then served as a deputy sheriff. I have a hard time with the left being meek and gentle when aggression is called for. We can be both kind and fierce, and we need to be both.

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