Trump Has Committed Treason

Daniel W. Drezner, Professor of international politics at Tufts University, writes “We should have a debate over whether treason is being committed by the White House. Yes, I just typed those words.”

The GOP is now the Treason Party. Republicans loyal to America will clearly demonstrate that in their actions. The rest will continue “adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort.”

When Americans Say ‘Democracy,’ We Often Mean Something Else

As Max Fisher and Amanda Taub write in The Interpreter, “When we wrote about Israelis curbing their own democracy in order to maintain majority Jewish rule and a firmly Jewish national identity, some pointed out, we were really talking about threats to liberalism.”

This is an excellent point, one that all citizens need to understand. This short piece is worth your time to help you understand the difference between democracy and liberalism, and that one does not imply the other.

Robert Jeffress Is Morally Corrupt and Irrational

Splinter News covers this latest grotesquery.

“Southern Baptist megachurch pastor and Donald Trump “adviser” Robert Jeffress— the guy who delivered a prayer at the recent opening of the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem—took to his second-favorite pulpit—Fox News—to explain how evangelicals could justify their continued support of a serially lying and adulterous president.

The short answer: Ronald Reagan cheated, too.”

I feel like most of the political stuff I’m sharing lately is just jaw droppingly stupid or uses “logic” only a far right moron will find compelling.

We can argue that this justification is a logical fallacy but the main issue is that this isn’t a moral justification at all and that people who claim to base their lives on a particular set of moral values and then use an antithetical set of values to justify their actions are morally corrupt and irrational and cannot be reasoned with.